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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

HMRC and Cashflow Deals

Time to Pay ProgrammeAll of our enquiries are stating that they are behind with PAYE and VAT! This would suggest that thousands of business people are juggling cash everyday: Do they pay the salaries? pay the VAT? pay the supplier? These huge decisions are made many times a day in the SME sector and its vital that people act properly. Most are not aware that HMRC will accept well structured and reasonable proposals for spreading tax payments. We have seen growing demand for our Time to Pay Programmes, specially designed by KSA to provide high quality letters, board resolutions and step by step guides to asking for and getting several months to pay tax debts. This lifeline IS available but HMRC will want a formal request backed up by proper information.

If you are an advisor to companies or partnerships experiencing cashflow crises it could be a very useful tool for your practice. if you are a struggling business get your Experts Time to Pay Programme here

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