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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Cannot see the wood for the trees??

We can!

CompanyRescue offers a free consultation to all struggling businesses online and or on the phone. I have 7 great trained insolvency advisors who can answer most questions that you or your clients might have.

With hundreds of pages of information online at you can access this resource first but, then if you have a personal or specific question, that the general guides don't cover, you can call 0800 9700539 free of charge.

Common questions we get include:


These are popular questions amongst hundreds of others that my marvellous team can answer in English not gobbledygook, along with examples of how to deal with these problems.

These guys really care about your enquiry and will not just give you platitudes, if they cannot answer straight away they'll get answers internally or from our lawyers or insolvency practitioners and call you right back.

For many technical problems our team will pass the enquiry on to me or Iain Campbell. Personally I have dealt with thousands of enquiries over the years but every day we get a situation that we think, "wow, that's an interesting one"!

why I love this business! Its always challenging you with new problems and new scenarios!

We handle hundreds of enquiries every month. SO what can we do for you, your business or your clients business?

Got a problem or unanswered questions? Why not give us a try, we are friendly, blunt and accurate in our answers - call us on 0800 9700539.

We can show you the difference between the wood and the trees!


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