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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Credit crunching your company? You don't need to go into administration, receivership or liquidation right away!

Look the credit crunch is hitting my clients' businesses, the manufacturing sector and the services sector. In other words the real world and people like you!

So is the credit crunch hitting your business? If so we can provide a range of 5 top tips and tools.

  1. Common sense advice from people who work in turnaround and insolvency every day. Sometimes we point people in the right direction after a phone call to 0800 9700539. Fear often rules heads and minds - not rational business thinking, talk to someone at KSA now.
  2. 483 different guides and pages on our website often help business people in the middle of the night. I love that, when we get an email from someone at 1:55am saying thanks. Its all free and confidential, we won't contact you unless you want us to.
  3. Our expert programmes - did you know you can get 6-24 months to pay PAYE and VAT to the Crown? Wouldn't that help cashflow? Could this buy your business a breather? See here expert programmes for your business buy our programmes from as little as £87, get thousands of £'s of cashflow savings.
  4. Get our free daily cashflow model, we use it every day for our own business! Easy to use and helps stop bounced cheques! YES FREE, if you want one call me or email now. 07974 086779.
  5. Use a CVA (company voluntary arrangement ) to cut costs, remove employees, kill leases, downsize overheads and SURVIVE the recession. We can help even bust companies!

So our top 5 tips to survive the recession! Will your business be here in August 2009? If you are worried get help now.

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