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Monday, 16 February 2009

The end of the line for greetings cards

My son doesn't "do cards", nor do his peer group. Using MSN, Facebook, Skype is much quicker, contemporary and cool. Mind you he has to buy at least a mothers day card if he wants to keep her sweet.

He is 15 and his generation will not be rushing into card shops, for birthdays, anniversaries, get well cards etc the way older generations did. Coupled with the price of a card, the postage and the fact that one has to plan ahead, to make sure the card arrives on the big day, I think the end, or a slow death, may be nigh for this once fast growing sector.

With 1,000+ shops the question must be a pressing one for Clinton Cards plc. Coupled with the recession and fast rising unemployment how long before their sales collapse? It's hardly a critical purchase is it a greeting card, unlike food or travel to work.

I understand from the Sunday Times that Clintons were in close contact with their bankers last week over a £72m debt pile. Clintons may be next for administration and or a company voluntary arrangement.

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