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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Lamb to be banned as they burp!

CompanyRescue?? No we need a service to rescue Britain from this mad house approach to global warming and incompetent Government.

This latest diktat is really the final straw for me. What credibility is left for those in power when some idiot says we have to stop serving lamb because they burp! What next Government advisors to ban milk because cows fart huge amounts of methane?

Do we really (as the tax payer) employ these numpties as quango's, consultants or advisors. Oh yes of course we do, I forgot, that this Government cannot afford time to make any decisions (too busy claiming expenses), so they pay people to "review", examine or help make decisions.

Can you believe that these people have jobs with index linked salaries and Government pensions ? To do what stop eating donner kebabs to make a policy statement?

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