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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Life after 50

Wow doesn't time fly!? Its now 12 days since my last Blog about CVA for a LLP. a less dry blog today!

The last few days have seen a big rise in enquiries for KSA and we have had a very busy month for insolvency appointments in June. We have also recruited a new Insolvency Practitioner for our London office and he starts in 6 weeks or so. Watch this space for an announcement soon.

I also had the small matter of my 50th Birthday party to organise and that was finally held last Saturday near Holy Island off the Northumbrian coast. Judging by the number of calls and texts thanking me for a sore head it must have gone well!

Some of my pals could not be at my bash, instead they were doing Mount Kilimanjaro - congratulations to Jim Lang, Gordon Sutherland and William Grimsdale who got up and down without mishap or injury. Must have been all the training we did on Ben Nevis! Must say having done 5 hills / mountains in 4 weeks my legs were happy that I wasn't going on the trek with them.

So what is life like after 50? Well it seems even busier, frenetic even. Its been great seeing family and old friends and I hope now that I am a oldie they will stop by and see me more often! Its been a good year for us baby boomers, we have had a few 50th parties already but there are loads more of my friends hitting that magic half century in the next 12 months.

Let's see if our livers hold up.

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