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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Swine Flu, big business threat? Common Sense required

Unfortunately one of our team has been diagnosed with Swine Flu this week

She went home last week not feeling well and has been quite poorly since. Her doctor has confirmed the SF diagnosis this week and she will need to stay off work for a few more days.

We all read about the bug, but it brought home to me what a risk it may be to businesses if not handled properly.

The guidelines provided here

are useful for the employer and employees to follows. Most of it is common sense of course but it is certainly worth reading. Business is hard enough in this recession without having a major threat from a virus! So some simple prevention techniques in the guide are worth implementing.

Lets hope the virus does not grow rapidly as forecast in the colder weather of autumn and winter. Will we all get a vaccine? Will it work? What are the side effects?

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