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Monday, 10 August 2009

Ashes catastrophy!

There was I hoping to watch the ashes test match on Saturday and Sunday and what happens? Well a hammering for England is the only polite word to describe it.

So much of a cuffing was it, that I had to spend the day cutting hedges for her indoors on Saturday and I then went to work Sunday.

She of course was highly delighted and now has a neat and tidy hedge up our drive. It is 40m long and up to 4m high in places.

Today, I am struggling to walk with a stiff leg and sore back. Must be getting old! See a day in front of the telly would have done me no good at all, she says!

Now, it is all down to the deciding test match, hope we can find 6 batsmen before then? At least all our hedges are cut now and I may get to watch some of that decider.

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