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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Simple liquidation guides online: BUT. Don't leave it too late!

After a revamp and a tidy up we recently relaunched our dedicated liquidation web site for those directors (or advisors) looking for information on closing their company down.

This is the ONLY website in the UK devoted solely to liquidation:

Written in Plain English this site has been completely revised and is now easier to use. It sets out guides and flowcharts for the liquidation process.

With thousands of companies no longer viable after the worst recession in two generations, many now need to close. BUT the main tip we would give is do not leave it too late.

Why? Well the most common enquiry we receive at KSA Group is how do we pay for a liquidation when there are no assets and no cash??!

Frankly if a business did have assets and cash and does not have them now, when precisely did the penny drop that it would not have the modest assets left to cover liquidation fees? Did these directors run the company into the ground and take every last penny out?

Many callers to liquidate my company are amazed that they cannot wind up their failed company themselves. Given that only a licensed insolvency practitioner can liquidate a company, payment is required!

Please visit for further information on creditors voluntary liquidation, compulsory liquidation and members voluntary liquidation.

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