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Friday, 15 January 2010

Will Millions of Tweets From Businesses Kill Twitter?

We leading edge marketing types (ha!) are told by the real leading edge marketing gurus that we MUST DO social networking stuff. So off we go doing Twits or Tweets. We do LinkedIn. We do Facebook, or will that soon be FaceKindle? No books allowed in guru land.

I wonder, will millions of tweets every day by SME's looking to get that competitive edge actually kill the social media upside for your business?

Jo Schmo's wonderful pizza-parlour's tweets will hardly drive traffic to his table if 1,000 other pizza joints in a big city are tweeting, blogging, Linking. Or will it?

Perhaps for bricks and mortar businesses, or accountants, or lawyers for example short (attention span) video is a potential answer on blogs and websites. So people can look at the offer before calling in or buying. Supported by a cogently structured marketing plan that ensure good service and support when they take the chance to call in or call.

Will good products and services, delivered well, with friendly service (on time) always be the KILLER APP? For bigger brands "Apps" like Jamie Oliver's Cookery iPhone App are add-on revenue streams, not actually the USP.

In other words this marketing stuff all seems to be perpetuated by the promise of golden results by the golden boys and girls of marketing. Myopic perhaps but I feel that there is an overwhelming pressure to be hip and trendy marketers, whilst the delivery of your, often not that exciting really, product or service is overshadowed.

Clearly, without marketing one could argue you can't deliver good goods or services, but you know what? "Word of mouth" supported by decent informational web sites, good marketing thoughts/plans and excellent customer care, is still going to beat, whizzy social media led marketing for the forseeable future.

Emperors new clothes v the golden marketing gurus calling me a luddite?

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