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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Beware advisors who don't stack up

We always watch our space for competitors, it's what we all need to do in small to medium size businesses (SME's) is it not?!

So it is interesting to see a new competitor called Frazer and Frazer selling their "CVA services". On their website they claim to offer CVA services which delight their clients: they quote "Thomas King of Ableton Media as being very satisfied with a very impressive result".

A quick check of Companies House shows their claim to be somewhat disingenuous - there is no such company as Ableton Media Ltd. Or a director of any similarly named company.

BEWARE of companies that claim to offer all sorts of easy solutions like CVA - check them out first. Are they regulated, licensed and experienced? Then look at their testimonials, can they give you referees?

CVA's are very complex solutions even for the RIGHT company, they are not a marketing geezers dream that can "INSTANTLY WRITE OFF 75% of your company's debt"! By the way that is a quote from their website.

CAVEAT EMPTOR - buyer beware. These claims are misleading and may be dangerous for your company in difficult times.

Always get quality advice. Always shop around, Always talk to people who make big claims, then ask for referees who have used their services and survived to tell the tale.

Isn't that how you do business anyway?

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