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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Events, Dear Boy.

A long time ago.

Harold MacMillan, said, "Events, Dear Boy". How many people who "read politics" understand that quote?

Gordon Brown, and I suppose, all of the people who work in politics today, need to heed those words.

In the final days of a general election. Think on this. Many things can happen, that the greatest spinners, planners and election strategists cannot predict. Mr Brown calls a Labour voter a bigot.

How to win or lose an election should not be determined by a gaffe. But.

John Major's "Bastards" and Brown's "Bigot" comments are similar.

John Major turned a poll forecast saying he would lose, in the late 1992 election, into a win.

Somehow I cannot see Mr Brown doing the same from this gaffe.

Sorry Mr Brown, calling a voter a bigot, ironically a Labour voter, is not likely to endear you to other "bigots".

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