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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Which planet does the Unite Union live on???

With the introduction of new technology, Government owned RBS says it will cut 500 jobs over 3 years through natural wastage, i.e. no compulsory redundancies. That's good then? Sensible business investment planning then?

Not on planet Unite....

Reports BBC's news site

"RBS, which is 84%-owned by the taxpayer, says it is investing in new back-office technology which means it will need fewer staff.

But the Unite trade union said it did not disagreed (sic) with the move.

Unite's national officer Rob MacGregor said: "Unite does not believe that the introduction of and investment in new technology should go hand in hand with the shedding of jobs." "

What should the bank do, invest in new technology and then keep employing 500 people playing cards whilst being paid effectively by the tax payer?

You seriously have to pinch yourself and ask are these Union leaders people for real?

Oh I forgot, they get paid huge sums of money for doing very little but making stupid comments to the media, nice work etc

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