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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Frazer and Frazer Ltd - Insolvency and Turnaround Licensors

We note from Creditsafe, Companies House, the London Gazette and Stubbs Gazette that Frazer and Frazer Ltd has received 3 County Court Judgments. In addition a Winding Up Petition dated 27th May 2010 was listed at Companies House on 7th July.

The petitioner is Yell Ltd t/a Yell the winding up hearing date is 2nd August 2010 in the Birmingham District Registry.

As a result of this information being made public in the Gazettes and Companies House, one questions whether the business can continue. Frazer and Frazer sells licences to business people (from £10-20,000) for a geographical area for the licensee to subsequently offer personal debt solutions and and company debt solutions to worried directors.

After the failure of Vantis plc, worried directors should be careful who they ask for advice in this strange recession. Any worried Frazer and Frazer licensees or clients can speak confidentially with Keith Steven of KSA Group Ltd now on 07974 086779.

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