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Monday, 22 November 2010

Facing HMRC Payment Problems?

HMRC is sometimes termed a "sophisticated creditor".  What do I mean by that?  Basically it means that HMRC knows all the tricks and techniques to use in order to get their money.   Of course, this is because they tend to be owed the most amount of money!  What is more, as the amount of tax owed is rarely in dispute, they do not need to first seek a County Court Judgement, followed by a Statutory Demand.  As such, they tend to go straight to issuing a winding up petition provided they are owed more than £750.

Due to this shorter time frame it is essential that if you are having problems paying HMRC then you need to urgently take action.  Perhaps take a look at our top tips for collecting your own debts  or review our top tips on cost cutting measures for business.  If you feel you have done all you can re collecting and saving money and are facing creditor pressure then please give us a call!

Please take a look at our new page on HMRC payment problems.

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