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Sunday, 30 January 2011

CVA Case studies

Any company directors or professional advisory firm, looking for a reliable turnaround advisor should look past the often baseless marketing claims made on glossy websites and in media adverts. Look for substance, experience and free quality information. Can you, by reading the website, actually see who the company is? What professional bodies are they members of? Does the site give contact details of the senior people? If not it is probably not a reliable, regulated firm.

KSA Group works on rescues and turnaround projects every day, many of the websites purporting to do the same are in fact marketing "fronts" set up to convince people that there is a genuine firm behind the claims. ALWAYS ask what experience the principals have when making contact.

We recently published the 40th CVA case study on our main advice website; - the truth is we could publish many more if we had more time! All of our case studies are based on real rescues, real directors, real employees and real debts. We cannot publish the client's names very often because the CVA approach is discrete and the company doesn't want to have their name all over the internet. But we guarantee that every one of our near 50 online case studies is based on a real case.

If you or your client are looking at the company voluntary arrangement path as a possible solution we strongly recommend that you read as many of our successful case studies, as well as about our failed CVA case studies as you can. This will help you get a rounded picture from real life case studies.

Our aim in 2011, will be to publish 1-2 new CVA case studies every week, so we suggest setting up the following web page as a favourite in your web browser:

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