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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Haulage business uses CVA - A case study

A company voluntary arrangement (CVA) was used to rescue a haulage business in East Anglia. The CVA tool was the preferred choice of rescue tool over pre-pack administration because of the operator's licence (OL) issues. A CVA allows the operator's licence to remain in situ with the company, whereas in a prepack administration there would have been a major logistical problem getting the OL, especially for a new clean company - how would it show that it had sufficient working capital to satisfy the operator's licence rules?

For the detailed case study please refer to our page on KSA Group uses a company voluntary arrangement to rescue a Haulage business in East Anglia

Further examples that KSA has turned around or closed in the haulage sector:
Car transport and Caravan transport Company £2.5m sales; CVA and hands on turnaround management for 12 months
Cold Store and Logistics companies with group sales of £10m and 1m space under management CVA’s

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