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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Dundee CVA approved, good news? Yes, but some idiots don't get insolvency

I wonder sometimes why we bother. Robert Moore today published a good blog on the success of the CVA of Dundee FC. Result.

KSA LOVES CVA success! We do more CVA's than any other firm in Scotland (or England and Wales).

We blog whenever we can on big public profile cases, to try and get the message across that CVA's are a great tool to save businesses. Our blog is called CompanyRescue for goodness sake!

So it was more a news item than a comment.

We have (as does every blogger) a comment process, YOU can comment on this and every other blog we publish, often they aren't worth blogging or commenting on of course!

Often we don't publish the comments we get, for risk of offending our small number of followers. But today I am going to change that policy.

I want to blog the comment that follows below, this is offensive and illustrates the fact that some people don't understand the turnaround and insolvency world, they blame the professional people who have, like PKF LLP saved Dundee, as the CAUSE of the problems  that businesses face.

Rather like the idiot Scottish Business Minister who thinks insolvency people are paid too much for doing their job (rich comments can be found by Googling) this Dundee supporting commentator (who because he is so clever, stayed "anonymous") said this on our blog tonight.......


So there you go, I am sure most of the real Dundee supporters are thrilled (like us) that the CVA was approved. But this guy seems to have a view that insolvency and turnaround people are all Tory .....?

I find the attitude to business and the word profit, in much of the public sector and dimwitted people like the guy who wrote this (in my native land) curious. This anonymous commentator sums it up.

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