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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Polestar Foods Future Uncertain

Some workers at Polestar Foods, that employs some 250 people in Okehampton, were not paid last week according to the BBC, and the factory has halted production. The owner, Privet Capital, said an announcement was expected later today.

Leamington Desserts, a subsidiary of Polestar Foods, went into administration in December and a buyer is being sought.

Last week it was announced 69 jobs are expected to go with the closure of Wiseman Dairy, also in Okehampton.

If you are an employee of the business then take a look at our pages on redundant employee in the event of insolvency.

If you are a supplier to Polestar Foods, then it might be prudent to take advice early if you feel that Polestar's woes will adversely affect you. We can give free advice for at least 30 minutes to company directors or their advisors on insolvency matters.

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  1. everyone from lower management down didnt get paid, big wigs ie directors got paid. When we turned up for work and asked about are pay we were told that we had to come in to work or we would be breaking are contract so we have been coming in using up are holiday as we cant afford the fuel to come in, the companies screwing the workforce playing games to see who will stick it out the longest if they win and all the employees leave they dont have to pay the redundancy bill if we win we lose are houses, savings and make unliveable conditions for are kids and families. the company dosent care all they want is the money


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