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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Homecall Plus in Liquidation (Update)

Homecall+ was placed into compulsory liquidation, after a winding up petition was issued against the company, has been rescued by a 21 year old female entrepreneur from Wigan. Homecall+ sells insurance to cover household emergencies such as plumbing, electrical and gas breakdowns.

Brit Insurance was underwriting the policies prior to the 3rd of December 2010 but policies which were taken out after this date remain invalid. The new company taking over Homecall+ are working with a number of underwriters to ensure policy holders can renew their policies with confidence.

Homecall+ was in the hands of the Insolvency Service, the government body that winds up companies in the public interest and all claims made prior to the company being taken over should still be made to the official receivers.

Lauren Dalton, 21 from Wigan has secured funding to buy the assets of Homecall+ and is currently meeting with underwriters, solicitors and various other companies to re-launch the company. Miss Dalton is a recent University graduate and views this opportunity of a chance to establish herself in business. Miss Dalton said "I became interested in this business when the family policy with Homecall+ became invalid and made some early enquiries. I completed some research and populated a detailed business plan to secure some capital to buy the assets of the company. I am now looking forward to the challenges ahead"

Anybody wanting to contact this company can do so by calling 01942 323435.

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