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Friday, 24 June 2011

Moben Kitchens in Administration ( deposit update )

Update 7/07/2011: Moben Kitchen and Dolphin Bathroom customers who have paid their deposits in cash or set to lose all of it.  The administrators at Deloitte have said.  This amounts to 453 people whose deposits are worth £1.5m.  Should a deposit protection scheme be put in place for major household purchases??

Previously we said
Moben Kitchens is to enter administration. BBC Breakfast news covered the story today saying it will close and all jobs will be lost. We suspect that that is a  bit premature and that some parts of the business may be saved or sold. But until the formal appointment of an administrator we will have to wait and see.
Update 4pm

Deloitte are the administrators for Moben Kitchens and any queries from customers should be directed at them.  We are not able to answer specific enquiries on the phone as this blog is for information purposes only.  If your business is struggling as a result of the administration by all means call.


  1. I work there....and from what I've seen over the past few months..I seriously doubt that the Moben & Dolphin brands will be saved. Kitchens Direct and Sharps Bedrooms will continue to trade but for for 1,300 staff , icluding all staff in the Manchester headquarters , this really is this end. I don't see myself ever going back in to that building again. We were ordered to leave the building yesterday at noon, and this was 3 working days before payday. We won't be paid for the blood, sweat and tears of the last month, and I don't know a single person who didn't give everything they had to their role in that business. If you need a clue as to what went wrong, look less at the economic downturn, and more at who took over the company last year. You can't do bad business forever, and you can't trade on a bad name........................

  2. I worked for moben and stopped in january - they still owe me 4 grand.

  3. I work for them to, luckily the showroom I work for has not been closed but this does not help with the fact that I will not be paid on Tuesday and no one knows when we will be paid. Everyone has bills to pay and now we are all up the creek without a paddle

  4. I also work there full time and dont know what I'll do if I dont get paid! What are we all supposed to live off until we find new jobs.. If anybody else is in the same situation as me and live alone, perhaps there's a benefit we can claim from the government until we have a source of income again. I was at the conference in Cheltenham on Tuesday and nothing was said. Now, we are all being told to keep the showrooms open and all will be ok, but I cant see it myself.

  5. Couldn't care less about you staff. If you'd done your jobs properly I wouldn't now be in the situation I'm in with a half finished kitchen which I have paid over £20k for. You never answered or returned calls and were basically useless, no wonder Moben is in the position it's in when it employed people like sympathy at all with anyone associated with this company only sympathy for the customers who have been ripped off.

  6. I was at an interview with them in Manchester only on Wednesday of the same week that the liquidation news was covered. Can't have been news to the guy who interviewed me so I do wonder what was going on behind the scenes to give interviews to potential sales staff. Were a lot of the sales force walking?

  7. I work in the field for moben kitchens, and I think I still work in the field as no one has contacted me, can anyone tell me if I still have a job? please help

    Frustrated Surveyor

  8. I agree with the customer above. We too bought a kitchen from Moben in February!!! Deposit down, they started installation in April and were last on site on 10 May.

    Since then, the customer service has been absolutely horrendous. Shocking in fact. So poor that I am absolutely not surprised this has happened. Everyone in the business has a part to play in its success and I suspect on this occasion the utter awful customer service has been its downfall. Let that be a lesson to other companies!

    Fortunately for us, we paid for our deposit on credit card and so we are protected and will be compensated such that we will be able to finish our thanks to useless Moben! You are now confined to the graveyard of crap companies. RIP

  9. On many occasions I tried to advise people not to buy a kitchen from Moben, but they ignored my advice & now are complaining about the poor quality of the kitchen, the shoddy installation and the lack of customer service.
    I am sorry for the people who were conned into working for Moben, but not sorry for the customers as Moben, Kitchens Direct & Dolphin were featured on Watchdog several times in the last few years, plus the internet exposed the company with thousands of complaints.
    Plus why would you buy from the Homeform Group who were £100 million in debt?

  10. I used to work for dolphin bathrooms, I was amazed at the amount of customers that would refuse to sign off the completed work for trivial excuses like :
    There is a pin hole in the grout. I had to return to the job and couldn't find the pin hole neither could the customer.
    Didn't like the tap heads. I had to return to the job to change them, and found that the customer had conned the supervisor into arranging a bedet to be fitted, numerous accessories had been fitted, the room was decorated a carpet had been supplied and fitted and all charged to me.


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