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Monday, 8 August 2011

Accounting Web Blog by KSA Group, Free Toolkit

How to advise your accountancy clients if they're struggling financially.

Please read our new Blog on Accounting Web on how to spot distressed companies or traders and how accountants can carefully approach them to help. Whilst preserving clients and your income.

Why not ask for your Professional Toolkit free exclusively for all accountants who send us an email request, contains a free DAILY cashflow model to give to your clients to manage cash, Experts Time to Pay Programme, a free Experts Guide to Dissolving a Company and the dozens of warning signs we have spotted over the years. Plus a straight forward guide to all turnaround and insolvency options (in English). You can guide your clients to the right options.

Included are the unique Experts Guide to Company Voluntary Arrangements and Experts Guide to Creditors Voluntary Liquidation. Hundreds of pages of guides free for the professional advisor to use over and over again.

All in easy to use USB stick that you can keep in your desk or briefcase. Send PDF's (easy to open and send)  and excel cashflow spreadsheets right off the stick to your clients, as many times as you like. Easy to use on any pc or laptop.

Email Keith Steven now for your free toolkit


  1. Thanks for this - I'm sure that many low cost accountants will find a use for it.

  2. management and tracking of sales can be done efficiently through the use of online accounting software.


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