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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Economy and Insolvency Statistics

There is much gloom and doom around at the moment. Inflation has risen to 4.5%,  the unemployment rate has increased to 7.9%, house prices have started to fall in the regions, the Eurozone problems are unresolved, and uncertainty about the strength of the growth in the US has persisted.  All this has lead to stock market gyrations and a loss of consumer confidence. 

However,  there has not been any recent large corporate failures.  This time last year Connaught went into administration and people were worried about insolvency.  This month has seen few big cases, if any.   Perhaps many of the weaker companies are fallen already or finding it easier to make cost savings. 

The most likely area where large corporate failures may occur will be in the consuming facing sectors such as the retail, leisure, and travel sector.  The rent quarter day is approaching again and the last one saw Habitat, Moben Kitchens, TJ Hughes and others to become insolvent.

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