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Friday, 16 March 2012

Amazing milestone; 10million .uk websites, What is more amazing? Many businesses don't have a site

Huge milestone of 10m UK websites ending in dot UK has been achieved. The web is so powerful a marketing tool that you would expect that EVERY single business would have a website? Yes? Well actually no. We have daily enquiries from companies in difficulty, when we do some rudimentary searches online, their name comes up in general search directories, but they do not have their own website!

Many small engineering, services and retail businesses DON'T have a website, this is madness. One day the fax machine will not spit out orders, the orders will have gone to a more organised competitor either around the corner or across the globe. Retail customers will dry up and move on.

What is more, many websites are no more than static one pagers or they seem to miss the point. My wife has recently booked us on a short stay in a hotel/spa. The website has a picture of chairs and tables in the restaurant, but no menu.

The bar has a lovely vista it says, local produce served it says, no menu and no prices. The golf tariff link does not work. So you cannot see how much it is to play golf. At least 30% of the links do not work. No this is not a small one-off hotel, this is part of a national 4 star chain.

The message is, if you do not have a web site, get one, even a simple web page will be a start. If you do have a site, when did you last check it, update it or get some customers to give you feedback on it?

Free and very cheap software is available to build a website; there are thousands of freelancers, students and friends who can build it for you. So get cracking and join the 21st Century business world. Then make sure you use the site, test it and get feedback.

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