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Monday, 26 March 2012

USB toolkit for directors who are worried about insolvency

Worried about your business? Concerned it may be failing? Need help fast but dont want to meet anybody face to face yet? Get all of our best guides and expert advice on one USB Drive – FREE! 

This toolkit is available as a discreet USB device ( we do not mention insolvency on the drive itself ).  You do not need to be connected to the internet to read all the guides to your options.

What does it cover?

  • The tests for insolvency
  • Establishing if your business is viable.
  • How to ask for time to pay your debts to HMRC
  • Extensive guides on pre pack administrations, liquidation, company voluntary arrangements. 
  • A guide to all the legal actions that creditors might take and the issue of personal liability.
  • What is an overdrawn directors account and why does it matter.
  • How to raise finance to ease cashflow pressure.
  • Your duties as a director of an insolvent company.

  Just plug in the drive and you can easily navigate to all the menus.



The USB drive also includes all the products that are on our shop - so free of charge.

  • Dissolution programme with all the letter templates and resolutions. 
  • A time to pay programme with all the letters and information needed to ask HMRC for more time to pay VAT/PAYE
  • Daily cashflow spreadsheet to help you budget.

Order your free toolkit and start taking action to save your business now.  Please email to receive your complementary copy in the post.

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