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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bradford Bulls face liquidation

Bradford Bulls that went into administration recently faces liquidation unless an offer for the club is forthcoming.  The administrator, Brendan Guilfoyle set a deadline for today to avoid liquidation. However he is confident that an offer will be made by a consortium of Bradford businessmen.
Guilfoyle said "They're giving it serious consideration - they're bringing in more and more people into their consortium, so hopefully by spreading the losses amongst a few people they'll come up with a model that might work for them. And if it works for them it'll work for me, that's for sure."
The Bradford team did their bit to appeal to potential investors with a committed 44-12 victory over the visitors. The win also keeps alive hopes of a play-off position for the first time in four years.

A week ago Guilfoyle made 16 full-time staff redundant in a desperate attempt to slash costs and Sunday’s game only went ahead after most of them volunteered their services.

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