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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Barkley Alexander and Associates Limited in Liquidation

KSA Group, the authors of, always watch our space for competitors.

The internet has low barriers to entry and companies can make all sorts of claims. So it is interesting to see an advisor, BARKLEY ALEXANDER & ASSOCIATES LIMITED, advertising on Google as  have actually gone into liquidation as of 17th October 2012.  So who is paying for the website and the online advertisements and why?

BEWARE of companies that claim to offer all sorts of easy solutions like CVA for debts of just £15,000 - Check them out first. Are they regulated, licensed and experienced? Then look at their testimonials, can they give you referees?

Here is a quote from their website.

Do you want to write off 100% of the current companies debts?
Do you want to ‘buy back’ the companies assets?

The fact that they can’t write good English ( err company’s perhaps)  should be a warning!

CAVEAT EMPTOR - buyer beware. These claims are misleading and may be dangerous for your company in difficult times.

Given that they are actually in liquidation DO NOT PAY anything over until they have done a job of work!

Always seek out good practitioners.  They should have a clear address, location, pictures and bios of people who work for them, and genuine testimonials.   They should also NOT be in a insolvency mechanism themselves!


  1. Firstly can I just tell you that website has been shut down.

    I came across this article because I was trying to find Barkley Alexanders number so I could call and thank them and let them know whats happened after they helped me with my bankruptcy.

    I first contacted Barkley Alexander last year. after my company was forced into administration by the bank. To cut a long story short my company was valued at £850,000 and it was sold for £150,000 to a friend of the administrators (this is a fact as the new owner actually employed me as a consultant when he took ownership of the company and told me as much). The sale went ahead even though there was a buyer willing to pay more. Again, I know this as fact, as the buyer was my son.

    the reason the sale went ahead is because the The administrator made me sign a document i didnt understand and was never fully explained to me, but it basically gave them free reign to do what they wanted.

    So despite my outrage and complaints the company was sold for £150,000 and there wasnt a damn thing i could do about it. The administrators fees were.... yes you have guessed it £150,000. The bank didn't even get paid back what was owed to them so they came after me and my husband personally forcing us into bankruptcy.

    I got told by the CAB and the National Debt Line that i should "put my name on the council house list and move out of my home". We are both in our 60s so this news nearly sent us into an early grave.

    Barkley Alexander after speaking to them on the phone sent someone out to see us in our home. He spent many hours advising us of our options including bankruptcy. The price they quoted was more than fair and they delivered far more than was ever promised.

    I have recently had my home transferred back into our names (just as Barkley Alexander told us it would) and I am overjoyed that we didn't take any one else s advice.

    If Barkley Alexander has gone into liquidation then I, for one feel very sorry for the owners of the company as I have nothing but praise for them and I find it a little bit shameful that you bad mouth a company without knowing anything of their ethics/ how they conducted business and the people (like me and my husband.

    If they are "advisers" and not "insolvency practitioners" as you say , i would take an adviser over an insolvency practitioner anyday. In my experience the insolvency practitioner i dealt with was greedy , deceiving, he hid his actions behind documents he made me sign i had no understanding of and should have worn a dick turpin hat...

  2. I can tell you now that the guy that likely wrote the last comment was probably a guy called Jonathan Tinkler as he is the main guy over at Barkley Alexander. They have been very careful not to have him as a director on their latest venture (Baker Adams) for an unknown reason.

    These guys have closed down and started up again more times than a part time concession in a shopping centre. Barkley Alexander, or BA Insolvency, or Baker Adams... whatever they are calling themselves these days are the dodgiest looking set of advisers out there. Do some research before you contact these guys. You have to ask your self. Why have they closed down so many times and set up again with a very similar sounding name? What legitimate reason could there be for this?


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