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Monday, 28 January 2013

KSA Group can help companies in Scotland. We are talking about how on the 19th February 2013

A winding up petition issued by a creditor against a Scottish company is an even more dangerous step than in England as there is no grace period after the petition and before the advertisement.

See this page on our new winding up petition website for details

In effect the moment a petition is served it is advertised on the wall of the Court.  This may lead to the bank accounts being frozen.  This particular quirk of the Scottish system is one reason why there are fewer corporate rescues in Scotland than in England.  However, KSA group are keen to change this!

In fact we are at a seminar in Edinburgh talking about corporate turnaround in 2013.  If you would like to attend then please find out more on our KSA Seminars page

Derek Robinson is our Regional Manager in Scotland who will be there.

Derek has a wealth of business knowledge.  A creative and yet objective thinker, Derek understands very well the challenges of running a business and is keen to advise and help directors overcome challenging financial circumstances.  You can call him on 0771 476 5578 or 0131 242 0081

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