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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Helping Professional Advisors of Struggling Companies

Date: Tues 19 Mar, 6pm
Venue: Gateley LLP, City Gate East, Tollhouse, Nottingham NG1 5FS
Cost: TMA Members: FREE, Sponsors: £40.00 (after allocated free places), 
Non-Members: £40.00

This is a CPD Certified Event - Guests of KSA Group go Free!  email to attend

The activities of Turnaround and Restructuring Professionals are by no means confined to headline grabbing high-street retailers and high-profile football clubs. In these challenging economic times, cases are just as likely to involve an ‘LLP’ as they are a ‘PLC’ with lawyers, accountants, financial advisors and even I.P.’s finding themselves commercially stressed & distressed.

This evening’s event will be chaired by Carl Mifflin, a local, experienced Turnaround & Restructuring Lawyer. In his opening remarks Carl will set the scene for the presentations to follow by sharing some of his own experiences of advising advisors in restructuring situations, and the value of sound advice going forward. The floor will then be taken by a specialist SME Business Advisor followed by a Turnaround Practitioner with a UK-wide reputation; each will look back at cases where professional business providers have needed their input in order to survive. They will then look forward with some sound advice for advisors on recognising potential disasters, rescuing companies, saving jobs and protecting reputations.

There will be time allocated for Questions and Answers.

EACTP: Tyrone Courtman of Cooper Parry LLP, President of the European Association of Certified Turnaround Professionals will briefly address the meeting on the new Europe-wide Turnaround Management Accreditation programme being rolled-out in 2013 across the UK and Europe.
Following the conclusion of the formal part of the evening, attendees will be invited to continue their discussions and enjoy some quality networking; refreshments have been kindly provided by this evenings sponsor: KSA Group Ltd – proud to be a TMA (UK) Corporate Sponsor.

Daryl Woodhouse, Principal - Advantage Business Partnerships Ltd.      
Daryl has a background at national senior leadership level supporting SMEs in the banking and finance sector. Following the entrepreneur in him, he founded Advantage January 2012, a fast growing coaching, mentoring and training company to professional service advisors and owner managers of small and medium size businesses. He gets his kicks from being around fellow business owners, helping them be more successful whilst building the Advantage team from strength to strength.
Daryl Woodhouse                              Advantage
Advantage Business Partnerships Ltd is a young, fast growing business growth coaching, mentoring and training firm. They help high growth and struggling businesses to go further and faster with their experienced team and programmes affordable to very small firms, whilst being high impact also to much larger SMEs. ABP has built a solid base of strategic partnerships with referral networking, and typically helps businesses on all aspects of sales, strategy, marketing, leadership & people skills, operational efficiencies and growing profits.

Keith Steven, Owner & CEO - KSA Group Ltd.
Keith Steven of KSA Group Ltd has been rescuing and turning-around companies since 1994; he has worked for insolvency firms, turnaround funds and venture capital investors. Keith formed his own turnaround practice, KSA Group Ltd in 2001, and he is acknowledged as an expert in the delivery of CVAs for SME companies and partnerships faced with financial difficulties.Keith Steven
KSaDrawing on case studies with a local flavour and where professional service providers have had to be rescued and restructured, Keith will explain and illustrate the variety of ‘turnaround tools’ applicable in such situations. He will share his considerable knowledge and experience within ‘LLP turnarounds’ so that those present will be better able to recognise, and deal effectively with, potential cases of distressed firms.
KSA Group is one of the leading turnaround and insolvency specialists in the UK, with offices and representatives in London and across the country. Their priority is company rescue, not corporate closure.
KSA Group developed the UK's first on-line turnaround and support site,, with over 1,500 pages of free information, PDF guides, FAQ's, flowcharts and case studies - information freely available, and of great value, to accountants, lawyers, bankers, advisors and of course directors of /investors in struggling businesses.

KSA Group is delighted to sponsor this evening’s event and is proud to be a Corporate Sponsor of TMA (UK).

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