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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

HMRC Online systems suffer computer glitch - RTI returns delayed

The online filing system for VAT was down over the weekend as the system was updated.  This also meant that there were delays in the submission of the first PAYE returns that were submitted using Real Time Information (RTI).  The update for the other online systems had been flagged back in January but many were left asking why HMRC had decided to do this massive update at the same time as launching RTI.

The governments record over many years with huge IT projects has not been good.
Police, DWP, NHS, New Passport System, ID Cards etc have all been problematic.

The RTI system is all bound together with the new Universal Credit form of benefits where the government will know how much you are earning and when and then pay benefits in line.  Mistakes will be a headache for all concerned

I am sure there are few crossed fingers between the people responsible.

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