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Monday, 21 October 2013

Southern Based Roofing Company Saved by CVA

The directors of the company approached KSA Group after reading our website as their business was under distress.   Turnover to 30th April 2012 was £1.1m which was a fall of £122k compared with the previous year, gross profit fell proportionally.

The company also encountered financial difficulties due to:
  • A combination of historic bad debt write-offs
  • Increased client price sensitivity
  • The economic downturn
  • Poor management practices.
  • HMRC levied distraint against company assets (Walking Possession) for an unpaid VAT liability

Read the case study below to see how we saved the business;

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  1. I hate to be the one to blemish their glowing reviews but if you're looking for more complex roofing repairs, Acura is probably not your best route. Don't get me wrong these guys were nice and professional at first but I waited a week and a half before I was told by their Rep. that " they would not be able to assist me with my repairs because of the complexity involved " and that was it, click! No sugg Bellevue Roof Installation


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